We also provide front line support to families and students having difficulty navigating and advocating in the very exciting but sometimes daunting world of education.  We offer support for processes like your child's Identification Placement Review Committee (IPRC) meetings. (This can include representation) We can also help with follow up strategies or referrals to other agencies for things such as The Ontario Disability Tax Credit Certificate. We do this both inside and outside of the Jane and Finch Community. For more information or support in this area please email us at: info@educationinvolved.org 

​We deliver innovative, fun, organic and engaging ‘experiential learning’ programs and workshops to both students and parents/guardians.  By organic we mean that they are structured with the purpose of fostering each audience specifically. They all have the capacity for success with different learning types and varied levels of skill and experience in one environment. It is goal based learning that is rooted in the Ontario Ministry Of Education’s most crucial curriculum, program, and policy guidelines. What is unique about our programs is that they are available everywhere, in fact that is the best part! We bring learning to you and your community in locations that are familiar and a part of your lives already. Get in touch to find out how. Your world is our classroom.

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We are not your average Nonprofit organization, instead we are what is called a Social Enterprise.  What this means we still exist for the purpose of achieving a social goal but we do so by running a business selling goods and services. (We even use words like revenue and surpluses.)  The corporation is governed by a board of directors and cannot be owned by anyone. ( Private or public, hence the term nonprofit)  We of course sell educational programs, workshops, products, and materials.  We simply reinvest our profits in helping to increase access to educational opportunities (such as and including the ones we create) for students and parents in the Jane and Finch Community.